Heart Beat Animals

Heart Beat Animals make the perfect gift.

Heart Beat Animals - JLT 9545 300x196Heart Beat Animals are a unique and perfect gift for any expecting mother. They are the perfect pregnancy keepsake. Nothing would be better or more precious than the sound of her very own babies heartbeat. My Little Bo Peep can provide everything you need to capture and save the sound of your child’s heartbeat. This gift will be treasured for the rest of her life. What could be a better baby shower gift?

Recording the babies heartbeat is easy. At your next ultrasound, we can help you set up your heart beat animal to get a great recording that you will treasure forever.

We carry a large selection of heart beat animals to suit any taste or gender. As well as gender reveal animals to make that reveal to family and friends even more special.

These are just some of the heart beat animals that we carry.