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According to the ARDMS website, “the RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer®) credential raises the standard of diagnostic medical ultrasound practice worldwide and promotes best practices for enhanced patient safety. The RDMS credential is designed to certify competence in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. By earning the RDMS credential, healthcare professionals gain a critical edge in promoting public safety in ultrasound.

In short it means at Little Bo Peep, you’re in good hands.

We guarantee that the baby’s face will show. If it doesn’t, you will be offered to come back on a later date set by us and that next appointment will be on us.

Genders from 15 weeks and best face shots are after 28 weeks

We’ve successfully gotten amazing pictures up until 40 weeks but we recommend around 31 weeks is best

Gender reveal items, DVDs, CDs, Heartbeat stuffed animals, video stream, online picture gallery and other gift items

Smoke bombs, smoke poppers, confetti poppers, gender reveal balloons

Absolutely, we can also call the bakery for you

Comfortable seating for 8, but people have brought up to 30 (yes it was squishy)
Children are welcome and we do have toys in the room for them.

Yes, $25 and that goes towards your appointment. If you cancel at least 6 hours before your appointment you will get refunded.

Sometimes, it’s best to call 443 213 8685 first to make sure our tech is there

This rarely happens, but if your baby is one of those stubborn ones you can come back for free!

2D is black and white like your doctor
3D is a swoop of your baby in color and is really clear
4D is 3D but with live motion, so if your baby yawns you watch as he does it

You get 10% off your second visit. We run gender sales on Tues/Weds.

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If you cancel within 6 hours we will refund your $25 deposit. You can easily cancel from your appointment confirmation email

Unfortunately not 🙁
However, if you email us, we will use Google Translate and do our best to reply.


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