HypnoBirthing classes at Little Bo Peep

Resources - hypnobirthing 2Yael has been certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2006, learning of the HypnoBirthing philosophy in the process. She traveled to historic Bath, Maine in 2007 to certify as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and has been teaching the method in the Brooklyn community since. She is pleased to serve as the HypnoBirthing Institute’s Regional Liaison for the New York Metro area. After training with Jenny West, Yael was certified as a HypnoBirthing Labor Companion and is DONA certified as well. Yael has been honored to attend dozens of births, HypnoBirthing and otherwise. In the fall of 2009, Yael attended the annual HypnoBirthing Conclave in sunny South Florida, and became certified as both an Infant Massage Instructor and a Fertility Hypnosis Specialist. A New York state certified EMT-B, she previously enjoyed a 20 year career in Medical Imaging, after serving in the US Army as a medic and X-ray Specialist during the first Desert Storm. Yael lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her amazingly supportive husband and five young children.

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Chaya Braun photography at Little Bo Peep

Hello, I’m Chaya!

Resources - DSC1269 150(Rhymes with ‘Hiya’! And the “ch” is soft, as in Charlotte.)

Yesterday my oldest son was born. Today my 7 pound bundle of joy towers over me; he is 16 and learning to drive.

This morning my second son was born. He sneezed as he was put in my arms, a huge sneeze that enveloped his tiny face. This year he started high school in a city four hours away.

An hour ago, I suddenly went into labor with my third son. I can still feel myself grasping at the dashboard, as my husband drove towards the hospital at unmentionable speeds. My youngest son is now at the cusp of adulthood, as we prepare for his bar mitzvah.

Only a few seconds ago, Dr. A. exclaimed, “It’s a GIRL!” and handed me the prettiest little princess when I gave birth to my first daughter. I honestly don’t understand how she became a two year old toddler, since I gave birth to her just a short moment ago.

The days pass slowly, yet the years fly by…

It’s my passion to capture the amazing beginning of new life, a brand new world with your newborn.

Those first few months with a newborn quickly pass in a blur of sleepless nights, late night cuddles, and sweet baby’s breath. Yet, I promise you this: You only have a few seconds from the time you give birth until your baby starts emptying cabinets. In a few minutes she will know how to install her favorite apps on your phone, and delete all of your contacts. Just a few days from now, your baby will go to sleepaway camp. And in about a week or so, he will be saying, “Mom, drop me off at the corner – you don’t need to take me all the way there.” because he’s too cool for his friends to know that he actually has a MOTHER!

Your investment in your baby’s newborn portraits are an investment that will be treasured for a lifetime. The little booties will be outgrown in a heartbeat. The stroller and carseat will last for a fleeting season, for tomorrow your baby will be a teenager. Trust me. My teens were all born yesterday. I promise.

The breathtaking art of your newborn’s portraits will be a treasured family heirloom, and always evoke that endless wellspring of love for the tiny person who is your child. Newborns change so fast; in just a few weeks you’ll scarcely remember how little and cuddly your baby was at birth.

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Bradley Birthing Teacher

Resources - michalMichal Kovacs is a certified Bradley Method Childbirth educator, Birth doula, and mother of three in the Baltimore area. She was trained by the creators of the Bradley method in California in 2010 and has enjoyed teaching classes consistently since then. The Bradley method emphasizes empowering both mother and father with the knowledge to get the birth experience they desire. Our courses cover the progress of pregnancy, phases of labor, nutrition, exercise, various natural methods to alleviate pain, and how the husband or partner can effectively help and support the birthing mother.

Michal enjoys teaching and being present at the moment of the miracle of birth. She believes in helping her students gain the critical knowledge about their choices in childbirth, and places a special emphasis on the role of the husband/partner in birth to strengthen the family bonding process.

To learn more please visit her website at: or call 678-941-9303.

Turning a Breech Baby

Resources - a natural birth 300x191Spinning Babies: Easier Birth with Fetal Positioning